Longarm Quilting

All longarm quilting is done on our Janome machine.

What is edge-to-edge quilting?
Digital edge-to-edge quilting is a type of quilting that uses a computer-generated stitch pattern to quilt the entire surface of a quilt. The design is created by a quilt artist or designer and then digitized or converted into a format that is stored on a computer attached to the longarm quilting machine. With a bit of human interaction and direction, the computer then tells the longarm machine where and what to quilt.

We use ProStitcher 20 which gives us over 33,000 options (you can view most of them here)

There are various quilting designs available online that you can choose from.
If you find a pattern you like, simply send us the link, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What is Custom Quilting”?
Custom quilting is quilting each quilt in a unique way, by hand maneuvering the longarm machine to quilt each area of the quilt without the computer pattern. This type of quilting is also called “custom freehand quilting”.

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